55 Halloween Tattoo Designs

Halloween is fast approaching and what is the best way to celebrate it aside from putting up Halloween decorations and trick or treating? It’s stepping up your game by designing Halloween themed tattoo designs!

It’s no doubt that Halloween has always been a time to be creative and have fun with what you plan on designing your home or with your costume. Tattoo designs, patterned from Halloween makes your look even more appealing and can even add charm to your Halloween costume if you are going to a Halloween costume party or something similar. However, if you just like being in the theme of the celebration, you can always choose your own tattoo designs and marvel at how amazing it is.

What does your chosen Halloween design mean?

There may be many reasons why you would choose certain designs for your Halloween, it could be that it is your favorite scary character or the design means something special to you. With the vast amount of designs that you can work with, it can help you out a lot when you know exactly what these designs are for and what you can use them for.

You can try and combine designs with each other and give a certain theme that can come along together. Halloween symbols can be pretty fun to play around with and it even becomes special when your deign makes sense and creates a certain story on your tattoo. What’s even better than having your tattoo tell a scary story through the design?

Tracing the roots of Halloween symbols

The interesting thing about Halloween designs is that you can always trace them back to their roots and in their traditions. Every culture has their own Halloween traditions and designs which give you even more ground to cover on. It would be very interesting when you can tap into the inner meaning of these designs and look past the veil to understand what they are supposed to mean and what they secretly stand for when Halloween comes around the corner.

In order to make your first step on creating you perfect Halloween tattoo design, you would need to pick one that you feel will suit you the best. There are many common Halloween tattoo designs when it comes to Halloween traditions in your area, among those that are common and popular would include traditions and symbols coming from the Celtic culture.

In the Celtic culture, everything that the human uses as a symbol or something that held some sort of energy and is often times sacred; owing to this there are so many talismans that have been connected to spirituality and beliefs in the past. However, over time, a lot of symbols have changed as modernization is also slowly making traditional beliefs adapt to what the people can conform nowadays.

In most of the case, Halloween symbols tend to keep their symbol and meanings close to tradition where people can appreciate it as it is. Then again there are also other Halloween symbols that have morphed meanings with the changes in time bit they still have their core meanings engraved within them.

Therefore, it will be helpful to you to know the importance of the symbolism each Halloween representation is supposed to state so as to give you the chance to add your very own personality with the Halloween tattoo design you plan on inking. The great thing about tattoo designs is that you can take an idea or a core then you can easily add in your own personality to make the design even more meaningful and customized to your tastes. You can always search for your favorite Halloween symbols and relate it to yourself, your hobbies or your beliefs and create something perfect for Halloween and can represent you as a person as well.

Types of Halloween symbols that you can use for design

One of the most popular Halloween symbols would be black cats. Just looking at black cats you can already see that they are naturally stealthy, brooding, secretive, mystical and magical in their own way. The interesting thing about black cats is that they can both be cute and at the same time scary; a perfect Halloween combination. The black color has been considered as an absorbing element, it is able to absorb the energy around and turn it into something unique and true to its own. Thus, the combination of the black color and the attitude of the cats, the symbol creates a feeling of foreboding and mystery.

Another popular symbol for Halloween is the bat. In tradition, people have built bonfires and they would make it as big as they could. This had a lot of implications and one of them would be to ward off negative energies, give comfort and warmth, prepare harvest festivals, mark the end of the season with a solar symbol and so on. Owing to this, a lot of predators of the night are also drawn to the fire, the fire invites in a lot of insects and potential preys as well. When people held large bonfires to celebrate Halloween, bats would be one of the most common animals to hang around. In the long run, bats became associated with the magical theme of Halloween as well as the passing of time between seasons and festivities.

You also have the Jack-O-Lantern symbol. They are turnips that have hollowed out and candles have been added into them to put on light and guide beggars and other people who pass around the area during Halloween. Owing to this, pumpkin Halloween designs have evolved throughout the years and the designs can vary from simple and cute designs to grotesque and scary ones; no matter which direction the Jack-O-Lantern design goes, it still becomes appropriate for Halloween. The name Jack comes from Jack the weather sprite who is also known as Jack0in-the-Green or in some cases, Jack Frost. The most important function of the Jack-O-Lantern is to provide light and that the reason why they are always lighted during Halloween.

Take your pick and enjoy the Halloween!

Whatever you choose to be the design for your tattoo, it will be more enjoyable when you can understand their origins and what stand for. You can always look online for more symbols for Halloween and there are also tons of wonderful designs that you can choose from! Choose the best one that represents you and enjoy your Halloween celebration in style!


A really cute pumpkin Halloween tattoo design. The light color help make the design look very welcoming and pleasant. You can also see that the pumpkin is lighted to celebrate Halloween.


Awesome looking Halloween tattoo design with a grotesque looking Jack-O-Lantern with wings sprouting from it’s back. You can also see that inside the Jack-O-Lantern is burning with light.


With themed Halloween tattoo design. There’s nothing more perfect than a witch design for the Halloween. It’s a classic design that you shouldn’t miss in time for Halloween.


Wonderful looking Halloween tattoo design. The entire Halloween scenario is through a glass mirror where all the horror and the delight happens on Halloween night.


Minimalist inspired Halloween tattoo design. Small bats are inked on the foot looking as if they are fluttering away with cobwebs as wings.


Colorful looking Halloween tattoo design. The bat is ink in wonderful blue hues making the bat look majestic and at the same time magical.


Spooky looking Halloween tattoo design. The design consists of a dead tree with Jack-O-Lanterns as its leaves for a more creepy effect.


Crazy looking Halloween tattoo design in silhouette. The silhouette designs are composed of bats flying around and a half moon that is laughing crazily.


A nightmare before Christmas inspired Halloween tattoo design. Even though the animation was meant to be for a scary Christmas, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a perfect Halloween tattoo either and the characters simply look perfect together for the theme.


A really cute looking Halloween tattoo design. The design in drawn comically as to give a spooky yet pleasant feeling when you look at it.


A beautiful witch with a bat Halloween tattoo design. Witches and bats come together perfectly in Halloween as they give you the creeps and at the same time the mystical feeling that Halloween brings.

Scary bat Halloween tattoo design. The bat is drawn to look menacingly down its prey which is perfect for the Halloween theme.


Beautiful and spooky looking Halloween tattoo design. The design incorporates all the elements that make up Halloween such as Jack-O-Lanterns, a black crow, dark surroundings and a silhouette of a dark building at the horizon.


A simple and cute looking Halloween tattoo design in a globe. Inside the globe you can find a seemingly haunted house looking structure with the full moon behind and a group pf bats hovering above it.


Creepy looking Halloween tattoo design with Jack-O-Lanterns and a cat. The cat int he middle looks spooky but at the same time adorable as it is surrounded by Jack-O-Lanterns, bones and shadows of people with pitchforks above.


A really cute looking Halloween tattoo design. The bat in this ink looks adorable as it hugs the pumpkin while looking longingly afar.


Simple yet interesting looking Halloween tattoo design. The design has a black cat in the middle, surrounded by pumpkins while the full moon shines above it with bats flying around.


A really quirky and cute looking Halloween tattoo design. The design features a pumpkin that seems to be going out for trick or treating on Halloween which makes it look even cuter.


Awesome looking Halloween arm sleeve tattoo design. The entire arm is covered with Halloween-inspired characters and symbols from ghosts to pumpkins and even A nightmare before Christmas characters.


Cauldron Halloween tattoo design. When there are witches, there are also cauldrons that go with the Halloween theme for ink designs. The design is in a cartoon style drawing which makes it stand out.


A really cute Halloween tattoo design. Another Halloween themed tattoo that is in cartoon design. It looks really fun and at the same time spooky; perfect for the Halloween feel.


Beautiful landscape Halloween tattoo design. The tattoo sports a scenery just like in horror movies. You can see an old house with a cemetery beside it and a dead tree with bats swirling over it.


Bloody red Halloween tattoo design. The bloody red structure in the middle of the design seems to form into a rose while it is surrounded y Halloween characters such as ghosts, a black cat, cobwebs and more.


Funny looking Halloween tattoo design. The design features a ghost seemingly ready for the spooks in Halloween complete with a bottle of drink.


Another nightmare before Christmas and Halloween tattoo design combination. The main character is shown holding a pumpkin implying that Halloween is just around the corner.


A really cute Halloween tattoo design inside a heart. In some cases, too cute can also be good for a spooky celebration as cute little ghosts and pumpkins are drawn inside a heart lined with pearls are used for this Halloween inspired design.


Adorable group of characters for a Halloween tattoo design. Not everything should be creepy when it comes to Halloween designs and in this design, you can see a really cute pumpkin, bat and ghost teaming together.


Simplistic yet very interesting looking Halloween tattoo design. The pumpkin is drawn in shape of a kettle as the smoke it draws out takes the shape of a ghost.


A really pretty looking Halloween tattoo design. It’s like Halloween has crossed over to fairy tale land as the pumpkins start growing around castles in the middle of a bright blue sky.


Minimalist inspired Halloween tattoo design. The design sports a black cat silhouette along with silhouettes of bats flying under a full moon.


Scary Halloween tattoo design. The design features a scary looking pumpkin that is laughing evilly at the thought that Halloween is just around the corner.


Cute heart shaped Halloween tattoo design. The design is drawn inside a heart, where there is a haunted home and a ghost that casually floats by.


A majestic looking Halloween tattoo design. The design has a huge haunted house towering above in the background as it is surrounded by bats flying over it amid a dark Halloween night.


Cartoon inspired Halloween tattoo design. The design in drawn in a cartoon-like fashion which only adds to the charm despite it being a scarecrow and crow.


Multicolored Halloween tattoo design. With the various Halloween characters combined all together, you get a very eventful tattoo design which looks perfect for the Halloween.


A pumpkin carriage Halloween tattoo design. When you think of pumpkin carriages, you think about things like fairy tales, however, a pumpkin is still a pumpkin and can also work great with the Halloween spirit.


Perfectly creepy Halloween tattoo design. The design features an Ouija board that seems like it is going to summon a ghost out of nowhere. It is framed by a mirror with pumpkins on the frame as well.


Wonderful looking Halloween tattoo design. Who says that only black cats can rule Halloween? In this design the cat is of white color and is sitting inside a Jack-O-Lantern; it’s truly an interesting design.


True love never dies in this Halloween tattoo design. A perfectly romantic design which defy the odds of ‘till death do us part. Humorous and at the same time interesting.


Beautiful Halloween tattoo design. The landscape in this design is encased in a silhouette of a witches hat. The landscape of a haunted house under the moonlight looks amazing and spooky at the same time.


Simple but beautiful looking Halloween tattoo design. The nightmare before Christmas theme looks perfect with the Halloween theme in black and white colors.


A rather colorful Halloween tattoo design. Even though Halloween themes usually are dark and depressing, in this design the combination of the light colors and creepy Halloween creatures simply blend together.


Beautiful and enchanting Halloween tattoo design on the back. The entire essence of Halloween seems to be placed on this tattoo design. You can see a cemetery with an owl, bats and Jack-O-Lanterns surrounding the area.


Another nightmare before Christmas crossover with Halloween tattoo design. It looks perfect and beautiful at the same time. A truly interesting design to have.


More a nightmare before Christmas crossover with the Halloween tattoo design theme. This very simple design is enough to catch attention as the character is very well known and loved.


A very creepy looking bat for a Halloween tattoo design. Inked in black, the bat looks even more domineering and mystical at the same time.


A scary witch in theme for a Halloween tattoo design. There’s nothing like a perfect character for Halloween such as a witch that can readily cast spells on anyone.


Wonderful looking Halloween tattoo design. You can see form the design that the Jack-O-Lantern is the star of the design. It looks foreboding, scary and creepy which is absolutely perfect for the Halloween theme.


Minimalist Halloween tattoo design. The tiny witch on a broom looks pretty and at the same time subtle. This can be a great tattoo when you want a Halloween inspired tattoo that doesn’t stand out too much in size.


Beautiful landscape of a Halloween tattoo design. The haunted house is surrounded by a cemetery and bats under a full moon in the sky.


Charming nightmare before Christmas crossover with Halloween tattoo design. The perfectly evil smirk on the face of the main character matches the Jack-O-Lanterns and the feel of Halloween perfectly.


A rather spooky Halloween tattoo design. The Jack-O-Lantern suddenly grows arms and legs in the design, and it looks simply overwhelming. It simply makes the entire design stand out even more.


Grayscale Halloween tattoo design. A simple yet great looking Halloween design where the cemetery is surrounded by dead trees and Jack-O-Lanterns that look like they are standing guard.


Interesting looking Halloween tattoo design. The design features a vine growing upwards and sprouting out Jack-O-Lanterns and skulls as its leaves. It’s a fun looking and at the same time scary Halloween design.


A rather fun looking Halloween tattoo design. Who says that Halloween is only there for the scare? Int his design a group of ghosts is entering a Halloween theme park to enjoy the creepy day.

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