Interview & Feature: Tim Fox of Soge Shirts

Today we are shining the spotlight on Tim Fox of Soge Shirts, Tim is one half of the partnership who run the tshirt brand and shop Soge Shirts. He is also a part of the Teesinapod podcast we like to champion and support here at Nenuno (& Design Juices.)

As well as getting to introduce the man behind the social networking of Soge, we will also be showcasing some of their funniest t-shirt designs and bringing you a brief introduction to the Soge Shirts brand.

Introducing Tim Fox of Soge Shirts

Hi Tim, thank you for taking a few moments out of your hectic schedule. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Tim Fox the CEO of Soge Shirts a funny t shirt company and I’m going on a coffee bender so my answers maybe a little wired. I’ll try to restrain myself.

We know you as one of the men behind the brand Soge Shirts, But who else is involved and what else goes on in a typical day for your company?

Well my business partner is President of Soge Shirts David Cree and between us we form a pretty great team. David is our webmaster, designs 100 percent of our shirts so that is his artwork week in and week out, and he comes up with tee ideas. He is also a proficient on site SEO master.

On my end I also come up with t shirt ideas, handle off site seo duties, social media, blogging, marketing etc. In a typical day we are just trying to improve on one particular thing whether it is improve our online presence, make more friends in social media, or improve our SEO rankings. Someday soon we would love to have another artist to join our team.

How does social media knit into the way you work at Soge shirts? Is there a social medium you prefer the most?

It’s just huge. I love social media because I get to make new friends every day and maintain strong relationships with online friends that I have known now for quite a while. Between Tees in a Pod and Soge Shirts using twitter and facebook is a big part of most days. As for which platform I prefer that really depends on what time period it is. Sometimes the networking power on facebook blows me away but the personal connections on twitter that you can build is really exciting. I love checking out new blogs on twitter from those that I have just started following so that I can get to know someone new.

Tim can be found on Twitter at @sogeshirts? Shout out time, Who would you recommend our reader to follow right now?

Well besides my three talented co-hosts at @teesinapod, @gritfx, @ladyumbrelllaltd, and @naturecreations I would say my friend Diane who is @pandorazbox80. She is really nice, helpful, and a fun person to tweet with. Sorry that I snuck in so many but had to give my pod peeps a shout out.

What humble beginnings did Soge shirts develop from? Was there a Eureka moment? or did you have a meticulous plan?

Completely humble. Honestly David and I started with the idea of building a bunch of websites and then letting the ad money roll in from like twenty different websites. Was a very good idea and still would work but it bored us honestly. We both were creative people and we both had a lot of t shirt ideas and David had a graphic design background. I suggested we try tshirts.

After that it was both of us learning on the job. We’ve been around three years but that first year was just a very humbling learning experience. I read as many marketing books as I could and David improved his web design skills. Then we had to learn SEO. We studied other successful t-shirt companies as well to see how they were successes. Basically the first year we flew by the seat of our pants and what a flight it’s been.

What education background did you come from? Which part of this education did you find has impacted your life the most?

I studied communications in college. Perhaps it has helped me communicate with people and write solidly. Aside from that though I learned more in our first three years so far than I ever did in 17 years of school. I think High Schools and Colleges in general need to do a better job at preparing people for careers or business. Unless you are scientist memorizing the periodic table of elements for a test does nothing. Great I’m good at remembering things on a short term basis to pass a test and have no real world skills for the marketplace. High five!

Do you have a favourite t-shirt design? both Soge Shirts and Someone else?

For Soge Shirts it’s really hard to pick a favorite. I guess I would go with When Life hands you melons you might be dyslexic. For someone else I’m a big fan of Glennz tees and For Splitreason I like the worms A team parody shirt that just came out recently. I used to play worms and I would have never thought of that idea. Pretty brilliant.

Saturday or Sunday?
I’m more relaxed on Saturdays but Sundays has the NFL so Sunday.

Firefox or Chrome?
I’m a fox so have to go with Firefox. I like the browser better.

Text Art or Illustration?
Illustration although I can actually design Text Art a bit ha.

Long sleeve or Short sleeve?
Short. Too hot out here most days for Long.

Gaga or die?
Gaga for sure as death seems a less fun option.

In 2011..
I wish to see the end of… This pop and r and b movement that has been going on for years. Bring back rock and roll.
I envision…
The economy will be slightly better I hope.
I want to be a part of…
The revolution whatever that is. I’m a fan of revolting.
I would like…
a Hamburger. I will gladly pay you back next Tuesday. JK My Hamburger credit is terrible.
There will be….
More Justin Bieber. He isn’t going away anytime soon.

What future developments at Soge Shirts should our readers watch out for?

We should have a t-shirt giveaway coming out very soon. Perhaps even next week if the rumors started by me are true.

Where do we find all things Soge shirts across the web?

Well for our shirts you can find those at We love our facebook fan page at Of course our twitter account at @sogeshirts. Then our great podcast blog at It’s almost a matter of where can’t you find us.

Thanks for interviewing us Jared and Nenuno. You guys rock.

Who are Soge Shirts? & Why should I check them out!

“We were the top sleepers during nap time in preschool, wore the best retainers during Jr. High, and are STILL the reigning champion sleepers during nap time in High school. We got together to make fun with things people take too seriously. We strive to make our shirts compatible with your body, while showing an individual attitude, that only you can bring Soge shirts was started in a park in Escondido CA in late 2007.” – Soge Shirts about us.

Devised by David Cree and Tim Fox the brand started in 2007 and has worked to grow and evolve ever since, each t-shirt design is the brain child of these two men. Tim himself is very interactive in the social media community and also is a part of the succesful podcast team over at Teesinapod!

Sogeshirts are instant icebreakers designed to make you laugh. Our hilarious, stylish, and cool shirts will break the ice at bars, parties or school. When you wear our shirts you will be hearing these phrases “I really like that shirt” or “that shirt is so funny” The rest in making a new friend is up to you! Their mission is to provide consistently funny, sexy, or downright cool shirts to our customers. Our fans, friends, and customers come first so get to know us and you’ll have a pal for life. They sell shirts for adults, teens, kids and do custom shirts as well. We also sell cups, calenders, magnets, stickers, clocks, and all kinds of sogetastic apparel.

Some of our Favorite T-shirts in the Soge Shirts Catalogue

Tropical Depression

Where Rainbow’s Come From

When Life Hands You Melons

Bannans Gone Wild

I Tweet Therefore I Am

Twitter Bird

Trucks are For Girls

Big Boobs

When Double fisting isn’t enough

I do Not Fail

Leave any thoughts, opinons or comments below! We hope you enjoyed our introduction of Soge Shirts.


  1. Great interview and good t-shirt choices…I’m a big fan of the hippie and hack sack..and lol at “…perhaps even next week if the rumors started by me are true.”..keep it up DJ..

    • had to narrow it down on the t-shirt choices, a whole bunch i wouldnt mind having in my own collection.
      thanks for checking it out rob!

  2. Thanks Rob and big thanks to Jared on his mad interviewing skills and Dan of Nenuno as well. Was a really fun interview.


    The rumors were true.

    • Gotta love the rumour mill!
      It was a great interview to put together, and when you get such good responses and people feeding off the vibe you have created it makes it so much more rewarding!

  3. Fun read… yet I expect nothing less when it comes from Tim!

    • Yes agreed manz expect nothing less from him!
      thanks so much for stopping by manz! :)

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