Week 1: 5 Fantastic Web Interfaces

Today we are starting some new at nenuno creative, where we display 5 fantastic web interface designs from the past week on deviantART.

Each week we will be showcasing 5 brand spanking new designs from the previous week! As there are tonnes of submissions to deviantART daily you will be seeing some fantastic work displayed.

If you would like your design to be featured, all is required is that you create a stunning web interface, submit to deviantART and we will be sure to notice it!

The first week is 5th March to 12 March 2010 so lets get this show on the road! In no perticular order ofcourse.

1. Colone Portfolio No.4 by h1xndesign

2. DzineStudio by  askdzigner

3. MediaBlog by BboyWicked

4. AquaBook SiteInterface by alnassre

5. Portfolio Business WordPress by designresource

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