Vector Illustration Inspiration: Cute Chibi Character Designs

Inspired from the works of Lauren Thompson I wanted to share with you some great vector character designs known as Chibi characters. I hope you will find them as inspiring and as cute as I found them, clicking on each artwork will take you to the original artworks location.

This showcase is specifically about the Chibi characters created as vector illustrations, be sure to be inspired.

Find Lauren’s own characters in this article on her site

nymphont chibi vector illustration showcase

Chibi is a term known to be a Japanese word for short person, or small child. (Wiki) Urban dictionary describes it as ‘It is an adjective that means small and/or miniature in a good or cute way.’

Lauren Thompson: ‘Mia Zoe’

Find other great digital works from Lauren on DeviantART here.

Ellen Nightly Chibi by kawaiihannah

Eve and Wall Chibi by Shivita

Lolita Chibi by pronouncedyou

Bumblebee Chibi by MobileSuitGio

Sokka Chibi by Tyshea

Sephiroth Chibi by nekoshiei

Kakashi Chibi by rurounigochan

Chibi Girl by Archil

Dark Chibi by draa

Chibi Soldier Girl by rongs1234

Chibi Advent Tifa by tifachan

Misteh Chibi by celesse

Insane Mamini by celesse

Gaara Chibi by gaarakun

Chibi Potter by CGVickers

Chibi Feral by celesse

Misteh 2 Chibi by celesse

Kasuran Chibi by celesse

Cloud Chibi by tailschao

Audley Chibi by celesse

Chibi Dawl by QueenOfDorks

Spock (Star Trek) Chibi by auroreblackcat


  1. The Harry Potter Chibi’s are my favorite. Great post Jared.

  2. Thanks for including a mention of my article & featuring my chibis & for spreading the word on these cute illustrations.

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