Best Free Script Fonts for Download

The fonts you choose for your designs say a lot about who you are and what you do. If you want your message to come across in a fun tone, you choose a playful font. If you want your business to appear professional, you should choose a more serious looking font. This is what is so fun about script fonts, which are those fonts that have a handwritten style. Within the category of script fonts, there is much variation, from playful to serious to bold to thin. So no matter what tone of font you need, check out some script fonts to see if you can find one that works for your poster printing, website, or any other design project. Below are some of the very best script fonts available for your inspiration.

Baroque Script

Baroque script is a simple, clean, and elegant script. It could be used for any number of tasks because of its versatile look.

Katy Berry

If you need a bolder script font for poster printing or other projects, Katy Berry is a great one. It has a playful look to it that would add flavor to your designs.


If you are in the market for a Gothic-esque font, this is a great one. You will find little elements that give the bulky letters a bit of charm and a little romance.

Flat Earth Scribe

The stone age look of this font is playful and solid at the same time. This one makes me think of tiki’s and mammoths at the same time.

Ink in the Meat

This is a very elegant style with the look of calligraphy. It has plenty of flourish but a consistent line.

Pauls Heartless Font

You could use this Gothic font in many ways because of the clean lines and clear design. It only has a hint of Gothic design so you can use it in any project.

A Yummy Apology

A Yummy Apology is a simple and light font with pretty details. With just enough serif for a whimsical design, this font could work for baby store business cards or tea party invitations.

A Theme for Murder

This script font has an element of fright with thin narrow lines and a messy free hand style.


With thick lines and bold attitude, this script font looks a lot like graffiti. This type of font would be great for a headline in a grunge styled design.


This beautiful script font has a melodic quality to its design. Use it to add a musical tone to text or to make text resemble grass blowing in the wind.

Use script fonts to add character to your design. Sometimes the right font can send a message even more effectively than the words you write, so choose carefully to ensure your font sets the right tone for your project.


  1. excellent collection. These fonts are great for Photoshop use, but unfortunately are not @font-face ready. Thanks

    • Stamford, I’m glad you enjoyed the collection. Thanks for pointing out that these can only be used in a program such as Photoshop.

    • all fonts works fine in photoshop, illustrator, corel draw, indesign and freehand.

      • Thanks for clarifying my earlier statement, Bill. This is exactly why I love all of the free fonts out there. It is so easy to create a design with unique typography in an Adobe program with a font such as these!

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