Please sit back and enjoy these spacescapes created by some very talented digital artists from deviantART. As a bonus, most of these spacescapes can be used as desktop wallpapers.

If you would like to learn how to create something like the scenes displayed below, our weekly resource showcase will be outlining 10 fantastic space tutorials that can be done using Photoshop.

Please note that by clicking on the space scene below will take you to the full sized version and give you the option to check out the rest of the artists portfolio.

Burning Earth by sequency

Gardens of Light by MyPlaceAtDeviantART

Paramount by JoeJesus

The Awakening by licoti

Sight rather than sound by Zhachrod

High Rise by Psyxis

Tears of Gold by Tw-design

BigBoy by TixoL

Las Lagrimas del Cielo by Discharged

Beautiful Moments by Chado92

Last spaceship by paul-cz

Sword of Orion by MyPlaceAtDeviantART

Are You Receiving? by Rahll

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Imagine by JoeJesus

Samoid1 by Nameless-Designer

Spectrum4 by JoeJesus

Resonance Past by JoeJesus

Love You by aRchAng3lZz

Between the Extremes by ChrisCold

Interstellar by charmedy

Uranus by JoeJesus

Angelic Hights by JoeJesus

Into the Darkness by Ov3RMinD

Waters of Nazareth by cchomikk

Showtime by JoeJesus

Doomsday by charmedy

Planet by Tamilia

Celestial Sacrifice by keepwalking07

Ulterius by N3UR0N

Escape by Nuriiii