20 Inspirational Examples Of Vexel Artwork

These past few weeks I have truly been taken in by one art style, which is Vexel.Having done a few vexel/vector pieces a while back I understand the amount of work that is put into one.

Please enjoy this fantastic selection of Vexel artwork, I am truly inspired and I hope you will be to. But before you check these out, did you know our first giveaway is tomorrow?

Definition of vexel

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique (i.e. sharp-edged lines and areas of flat colour or smooth gradient fills). The word itself is a portmanteau  derived from a combination of “vector” and “pixel

Please note that clicking on the Vexels below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the artists full portfolio.

Gimme More Braaaainsss by Winterof87

Freak Out  by Lullipops

hello,  by yummiedesire

could be  by deftbeat

the.flow.of.things + wall pack by haaru

DoraLovely  by MiliescentCurse & vivalant

D1sarmon1a  by Vilone

The Restless Winter Wind by somesoul

almost rainbow by kikomachinist

Aurora Borealis by Ryannzha

contemplating..  by jawwneeee

Butterfly Caught by greaterthanthree

The Joker by blinktastic

.: lifeless :.  by hengie

wind through my hair by Swezzels

super fine  by haaru

D E E P by XtasiK

Era of the sun by Lianman

attitude  by zilla774

Breath of the Virgin by Ryannzha

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  1. Just love the Era of the Sun by Lianman. Can you tell me if it is available as a print or who to contact?

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