10 Online Regular Expression Testers

A regular expression, also referred to as regex or regexp, provides a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. It’s often a headache for beginners to understand and use all the syntax of regexp. Fortunately, you can always get help from online resoures. In this post, you will find out 10 online regular expression testers, which you can test your patterns online before putting into use in your codes.


RegExr is a fash based tool for learning, writing, and testing Regular Expressions. It also has desktop version for Mac, Windows, or Linux. And you can save your expressions in My Saved expressions and search Community expressions and add your own.

Online Regular Expression Tester

Pagecolumn’s Online Regular Expression Tester is an online tool to test regular expression pattern in Javascript. You can select different javascript methods – exec, test, match, replace, split and its customized method submatch. The javascript code is generated in real time.


Regexlib’s RETester is a .net engine regular expression tester. You can load external data source and make use of the searchable database of regular expressions provided in this site.


Regexpal is another javascript regular expression tester with some useful features,
* Real-time regex syntax highlighting with backwards and forwards context awareness.
* Lightning-fast match highlighting with alternating styles.
* Inverted matches (match any text not matched by the regex).

Regular Expression Test Tool

Spaweditor’s Regular Expression Test Tool uses PHP regular expression functions as a base for its operations. Nevertheless it can be useful for programmers of other languages as well.

Regular Expression Tool

Larsolavtorvik’s Regular Expression Tool is a simple regular expression tester which you test in PHP PCRE, POSIX and JavaScript environment.

Regular Expression Tester

Regular Expression Tester is a regular expression parser based on browser’s implementation of JavaScript.

PHP Regular Expression Tester

PHP Regular Expression Tester is another online tool by pagecolumn to test regular expression patterns in PHP language. You can select different PHP fuctions to test your regexp.


REGex TESTER allows you to do a regex test, i.e. it utilizes JavaScript (AJAX) to instantly validate regular expressions (regex), by searching and replacing strings in a text based on the regular expression. The result is live, it is updated instantly while you type, without any submission of forms and extra clicking, thus allowing fast and easy edit of regular expressions, having a constant clue what they exactly do.

Regular Expression Test Page

Regular Expression Test Page is an online tool to test regular expressions with the java.util.regex package. You can input upto 10 testing strings simultaneously.


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