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50 Photoshop Actions to Spice Up Your Creativity in No Time

Posted on April 6, 2012 by

50 amazing Photoshop actions and effects to help you achieve your goal way before your deadline.

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300 excellent photoshop actions

Posted on May 13, 2011 by

To have good design need good resources and one of the resources we use are the brushes and actions, is a tool that every photographer and graphic designer and web designer

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How to use Actions in Photoshop

Posted on July 31, 2010 by

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use actions in Photoshop. It’s important to know how to use actions because they help automate a process in Photoshop. Say you took a picture of a tree and wanted to make it look dirty and grungy. Well you could take an hour playing around […]

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Photoshop Actions For Photography

Posted on July 2, 2010 by

How often do you find yourself performing the same series of commands in Photoshop? When there are typical tasks that you perform on a regular basis, you have two choices; you can do things the hard way by performing each step every time you need to perform the task, or you can get smart and […]

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