Week 2 is here! So here is another showcase of 5 stunning logotypes taken from my favourite place for all things design. deviantART. As per the Design Interface showcase week 2, we will be commenting on the logos and letting you know why we have chosen them!

If you would like your logotype to be featured, all is required is that you create a stunning logo submit to deviantART and we will be sure to notice it!

The second week is 13th March to the 19th March 2010 so lets get this logotastic extravaganza on the road! In no perticular order ofcourse.

ALPINA by Bobbyperux

A strong red logotype, this got my attention straight away! Has a resemblance to logo used by Santander, but will work perfectly as a logo associated with a winter sporting brand. Ironically I recieved 2 letters this morning from Santander – not bad news ofcourse!

Rainforest Gems by miguelsaballa

I just love this logo, the detail that has been put in to this is brilliant. The colors blend together and you get a feel that you are in the forest with the different greens being used.

Propuesta Logo by Maluna31

A beautiful logo that would fit perfectly for a new brand of coffee, the typography is stunning.

ThinkGEAR by SittingOnTheChair

As the title says, looking at this makes you wounder how are brain works, cogs grinding together to help us process our thoughts? That is a question for another day.

burhaner by Burh4n

This week we have gone for a moresimplistic approach to logotype designs and this is no exception. Simple shapes and flat colors give this one a unique feel.

This is it for another logotype showcase untill next week! But we have lots more useful resources coming, from our review on video tutorials to our next resource showcase.