Week 2 of our Web Interface showcase is here, and what a week it has been! We were spolit for choice whilst picking through submissions on deviantART.

This week we are going to do something different, as we are going to let you know why we picked these interfaces and would love it if you would retweet this post to increase awareness for these fantastic designers! We love them and hope you do to.

If you would like your design to be featured, all is required is that you create a stunning web interface, submit to deviantART and we will be sure to notice it!

The second week is 13th March to the 19th March 2010 so lets get this show on the road! In no perticular order ofcourse.

sstar web by zee7

This vector inspired design is stunning and the color scheme works so well with the background cosmos effect. Looking forward to seeing this coded!

exportauto by pixel-free

You get the feeling these cars are whooshing towards you and with a gray road like texture it blends perfectly with the rest of the content being displayed.

Simple Webdesign by phenomart

The gradients blend beautifully, a style we are seeing alot recently as the end result looks stunning. Alot of designers go for Safari to showcase there design in a browser and it just works! Must go and invest in an iMac.

website fruity by fadialqo

This is one of the fruitiest designs I have ever come across (no pun intended!). It’s so colorful and healthy that I want to go to the store and get some ice cole orange juice!

Green green green by Honya

I must admit, we are not affraid of showing some exuberant interface designs at nenuno creative and this sums up why I love to design. Brilliant!

This is it for Week 2 of the Design Interface showcase, but tomorrow comes another week of stunning logotypes!