Mirjam Evers is a Dutch freelance photographer specializing in environmental portraits, travel, documentary and adventure photography. During the course of her career she has traveled to over 50 countries capturing the diversity of people and cultures in some of the most exotic places in the world. She specializes in shooting intimate portraits using off camera flash, unusual angles and interesting lenses.

Her photographs have been published in PC Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PDN Magazine, American Photo, Popular Photography, Hamptons Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, Best of Photography Annual and International Expeditions, Nikon’s 2010 Calendar. Corporate clients include: Lensbaby, Lowepro, Epson and Visa Card. Mirjam is based in New York City and is a member of ASMP and PPA. She’s able to transcend cultural and language barriers with an intangible spirit that comes through in every portrait.

(Above Paragraph) Mark Edward Harris, PC Photo

I was lucky enough to attend a discussion and portfolio viewing for the world acclaimed adventure photographer, Mirjam Evers, in Charleston, SC last night. If you missed it, I’m truly sorry as you missed a look into Mirjam’s shooting style, candid photos from her portfolio, as well as, countless tips and tricks on portrait photography.

The top tips I came away with from the discussion were:

  • She shoots in RAW format
  • She shoots with a Nikon D700
  • She shoots with an SB800 Nikon Flash handheld unit
  • All her photo touch-up is done in camers
  • Hire a guide and setter(someone who gets people to let you take their picture) when you are in another country.
  • Pack extremely light as you will be charged for overweight when you travel
  • Her travel kit includes 1 – 2 D700 bodies, 24-78 zoom lens, 20mm prime lens, sb800 flash w/remote and sometimes a 70-300mm zoom lens

Mirjam is the co-founder of Photo Quest Adventures which is a school that holds workshops all around the world on lighting, portraits, landscapes and nature photography. They photograph in Antarctica, The States, Kenya, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Patagonia & the Netherlands where she is from.

A bit about Photo Quest Adventures from their website

Photo Quest Adventures (PQA) was founded by a group of professional photographers with the sole purpose of conducting intimate photography workshops in the world’s most unique places. We believe that bringing small groups together with pro-photographers in dynamic and less traveled locations around the globe is key to a cultural, educational and adventurous photographic experience.

We travel and photograph places “off the beaten path” at the optimum time of the year for photography as well as schedule our daily itineraries for shooting during the perfect times of the day. Since we keep our groups small, we are able to customize our workshops for the individual, ensuring that all of our attendees expand their photo skills regardless of their skill level. We also combine our Global Quests with adventurous activities such as camping in the Gobi Desert, hiking in Bhutan and kayaking in Chile, as well as offer a variety of Specialty Quests, including studio lighting, off-camera flash,location lighting and digital workflow classes.

Samples of Mirjam Evers Work


The top tip I came away with from this discussion was “never send a fish eye photograph to any editor, ever!” I thank her for taking the time to come speak with us and wish her the best of luck in the future. You can find more of Mirjam Evers work at her website. Make sure you go check it out and drop her a line if she inspires you. What is your favorite photo from her portoflio? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for a look into the way she shoots her portraits in my next post.