Being an avid User Interface designer, the first place I go to before working up a concept is, in some cases I work the design around the Icon Pack I choose to work with as they are key to what the user presses whilst navigating around the website. is a stunning resource that enables you to search for any type of icon, from Twitter to Acrobat Reader, there is most likely an icon.  Also being able to save your choosen icon in a various amount of different sizes saves time manualy modifying them using Photoshop.

Please pay respect to these fantastic icon packs we at nenuno creative couldn’t live with out!

Corner Stone by Iconlicious

Classy Social Media Icons by Jason LaRose

Once by delacro

Social Media Mini by Paul Robert Llyod

49 Hand Drawn Icons by Aleksandra Wolska

Apple Icon SuperPack by SvenVath

For our next website showcase, we will be talking about Video Tutorials!