The original idea behind nenuno was to offer WordPress conversions from HTML or PSD templates, but we decided to go down the blogging route as time was limited due to other work commitments.

Here are a few of my thoughts and considerations regarding the selling of web resources in general. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please leave a comments below!

What Path Should You Take?

Can selling WordPress, HTML and PSD templates on major markets such as Theme Forest and Mojo Themes generate you enough income that you are able to quit your full time job and do it full time? In the short term, I personally believe that it can’t, but it can make you a considerable amount of money part-time.

Theme markets are not the only option to choose when it comes down to selling your work. Such theme developers as Elegant Themes, Viva Themes and WooThemes release outstanding work with the support to match. But if your website is not well established it could take a considerable amount of time to get your foot in the door.

I would personally choose Theme Forest to sell my work as your designs are showcased to thousands of potential buyers and the platform you are given to promote your work is by far the best available without having to use such designer communities like deviantART.

Payment Commissions

Theme Forest and Mojo Themes both give you a percentage of the total value of the theme or resource you are selling. If you are new to either of these market places you will be given 40% for each sale at Theme Forest and 50% at Mojo Themes but what does this mean?

If you are selling a WordPress theme for $40 you will receive $16, so if it has 100 sales it will make you roughly $1600, not bad eh? The more items you sell the percentage of your commission increases.

Getting a sale could be a timely process and will not all come at once which is something you have to be prepared for. I have come across some stunning work on both Mojo Themes and Theme Forest and they have had little to no luck generating revenue.

This is one of the reasons I believe this full time will not work as you are not working on a hourly rate like you would in a full time job.

Designing A Theme That Sells

Creating a design could take weeks or even months to get right, but that attention to detail in the end product is something that could make or break the number of sales you receive.

Five characteristics I have come across in the past few weeks that would help boost sales are the following:

  • Style your theme in an array of colours. Giving the user a variation to choose from will provide uniqueness.
  • Make the theme a one click install. Simplicity is a major factor!
  • Provide an options page so the user can change the look and feel of their newly purchased theme to create a look and feel that suits them.
  • Documentation! A well documented theme will require less support from the user.
  • Always ensure the theme has blog functionality!


Don’t give up if your work is not selling as the key factor is time. Always keep up to date with the latest design trends so your work reflects 2010 and not 2009!

Try and put a small team together to bounce ideas from as working alone can get very frustrating .

If you are mainly a graphic designer and do not have much experience using WordPress, Joomla and Drupal there are many affordable PSD to XHTML services available so you can spend more time designing the theme instead of worrying about the development aspects.

Even though there is a lot of stiff competition, there is always room for you to show off your talents!

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