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  • Game Design – Creative & Inspiring Character & Monster Concept Art #3


    Posted by Daniel in Design, Inspiration on February 9th, 2011 with 2 Comments


    Before any game can hit the shelves it has to go through a long development process, where Gaming Studios round up there artists to develop and design characters.

    The third part of this series focuses once more on character & monster design and the process of developing concept art. If you missed any of the previous showcases, be sure to check out the following:

    Please note that clicking on the  preview below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the rest of artists portfolio. All art work is copyright to their respective owners and not of nenuno creative.

    elder staffs of wind by dinmoney

    The Executioner by allentotingski

    Queen of Night Elves CoLoReD by Flycan

    Rhino guard by ABELOroz

    guns by kir-tat

    Inferno-Juggernaut by perzo

    ruby knight by len-yan

    HABAKKU by ertacaltinoz

    Ice Wizard by kir-tat

    Morrigan by Jason Chan

    Female Witch Doctor by Arsenal21

    Druid by Okha

    Amazon Warrior by daarken

    The Rook by hughferriss

    DW IV Final Illustration by kidkidkidkid

    Girl with sword by kir-tat

    zelda concept by FantasyAce

    Giant monster by artbycarlos

    On a side note, we are looking for some of your contributions! Got something creative to share with the community? Now is the perfect time to get involved! Learn more about Contributing.

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    I love all things fantasy and you see that within in the content I produce for nenuno creative.

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    2 Responses to “Game Design – Creative & Inspiring Character & Monster Concept Art #3”

    1. Face book find ( Edwyn O. Diaz | Facebook ) inside my photo.

    2. Nice post! would like to see how this game plan pans out over the broad spectrum of options please keep us posted


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