Writing Juices, Connecting Guest Writers With Blogging Communities

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Writing Juices is an upcoming platform being masterminded by Nenuno Creative and Design Juices where are aim is to connect guest writers with established blogging communities.

It is something we have been thinking about a lot recently and now we have the resources to put our ideas into action.

Our Aim

The reason behind Writing Juices is that we know it can be a struggle to find a blog that we would like to contribute to. There are so many to choose from in various different niches, so we want to match the right blog to the right guest writer.

We all know for a fact that guest blogging can generate some extra well needed revenue, you only have to speak to our co-editor Jared Thompson on the pro’s and con’s of guest writing. So not only do we want to connect writers with blogs, we also want to help make some money!

We want to create a large directory of blogs currently looking for active guest contributions with them being categorized accordingly to what niche they fall under. We don’t all like to write about design trends and put together showcases!


Writing Juices Flow Diagram


The features of Writing Juices is subject to change, but here are some of the features we are excited about. We are currently thinking about a safe way to manage transactions between blogs who are able to offer cash for articles from guest contributors.

  • You can submit your own blog and add it to the relevant categories.
  • If you are able to offer a price for guest contributions, set it to the value you can offer. (Currently only supporting USD $)
  • Your listing will be on a rotating feature list, so when you hit the home page it could be at the top for all to see.
  • Search for writers based on nationality.
  • Sign up to be a guest writer, where you can showcase what guest writing you have already done.
  • You will see a list of suggested blogs who match your writing niche.
  • Using our message system to get in touch with blog owners regarding any questions you have.
  • Submit your contribution direct from Writing Juices to the blog’s owner.

As we are only in the early stages of development, there are some features we don’t want to share as we want some sort of excitement upon launch!

There will also be a beta run which will be invite only.

Want To Help?

We do need an extra pair of hands. If you are a designer or developer (php) and find this an interested project to be involved in, feel free to get in touch with me via skype: dw-nenuno, or by the usual method of using are simple, but effective contact form!

We Are Moving

Web hosts that is! We are planning for the future and want to speed up nenuno, so hopefully in two to three weeks we will have a new host if everything goes to plan. This will also allow us to host and maintain Writing Juices.

more about the news...

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11 Responses to “Writing Juices, Connecting Guest Writers With Blogging Communities”

  1. Jessy Troy says:

    There’s already a popular community that connects guest bloggers to blogs:

  2. Hesham says:

    Great job guys.. I would love to be part of your promotion, always like to help :)

  3. This is a great opportunity for blog owners like myself and guest writers. Looking forward to what you guys have in store for us all.

  4. I’d love to be included in the beta. I actually checked out and it doesn’t appear to be very active – so I’m hoping your site really takes off!

    Keep in touch,

  5. Just a quick comment to say thanks for the post. Just curious.. did you design the blog layout yourself?


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