150+ Articles: October’s Review of Design Across The Web

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We strive to provide you our readers with the best content throughout the month and all throughout the year; here we hope to share with you the best content of the past 31 days during October. Whether its content which has been submitted to your community news feed or just content we have come across from all over the web. Find past reviews of September and August here.

Here is the most inspiring and informative content on all things design and creativity from across the web from October. Be sure to keep up your submissions to the community news feed here and on Design Juices. Submit your best design articles today!

The Best Articles on Nenuno in October

Absolutely Stunning Promotional Poster and Flyer Designs

The Leaves of Autumn: Glowing Portrait Photography

DeviantART Does: Functional and Sexy Web Interfaces

From Pencil To Paper, Inspiring Comic Book Art

Absolutely Stunning Vector Inspiration

The Best Articles on Design Juices in October

Interview: Web & Graphic Freelance Designer (Jane Clark) Teakettica

Digital Art Inspiration: Abstract Photoshop Manipulation Girls

Portrait Photography Inspiration: Inked and Glamorous

Five Favorite Design & Creativity Articles on the Web in October

A Showcase of 30 iPad User Interfaces

We have collected some examples of the user interface within the iPad. This post will showcase some of the various ways that a user can experience an app.

Written By: Chad Mueller

From: Inspiredology

Sketching: Your Most Important Tool

I have been an industrial designer for twenty-five years, beginning my career in 1986. My first five years were spent with a small consulting firm where I used old-school techniques and tools. Most (but not all) of those tools and processes are now out-dated, made obsolete by improvements in technology which enable designers to works in a faster-paced world.

Written By: Jim Gresko

From: Fuel Your Product Design

Blogging Platforms: Which to Choose?

There are so many blogging platforms out there these days that I think it is important to go through the pros and cons of each. From regular blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress to micro blogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr the choices are nearly unlimited. Let’s look at why you should be using these platforms and the potential drawbacks of each.

Written By: Tim Fox

From: Teesinapod

10 Most influential designs that changed the Modern World

Everything you encounter in your life, from your toothbrush, to your computer; the water bottle you drink out of and the pen you write with, have been designed. Design is essential for so many reasons in the products we buy and how we use them, going well beyond mere aesthetics.

Written By: Richie

From: Richworks

Advice for design students

very day I receive emails from graphic design students, all wanting advice of some sort. While I can’t reply to everyone, a fair bit of my time goes toward answering those I can, and in many cases my response involves copying and pasting links to previously published blog posts.

Written By: David Airey

From: David Airey

Top Ten Best October Articles in Design: Community News

Mobilize Your WordPress Install

With the ever growing trend of mobile browsing it makes sense to offer your readers a site that is mobile ready and saves the reader a great deal of time waiting for image heavy pages to load and such. Via WPZine

Photoshop Marvel: Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

Creating a milk figure can be a great idea for an innovative milk ad campaign. The given Photoshop tutorial would brief you about the techniques to transform any image into a milk figure. All that you need to make this milk image are some photo manipulation tools, like transformation tool, burn tool, layer mask, and few stock images. Via PsDeluxe

Delicious WordPress Websites Inspired by Food

A tasty food is a good food, but how about a tasty website? Well, I would say that a tasty website is a website built on a wordpress platform…Now, what can I say if the website is about food? :) Is time for you to respond to this question after enjoying these showcase of 20 beautiful and tasty food inspired websites built on wordpress! Via Wplatte

Establishing your first Home freelance Office

When starting your freelance business, selecting the right place to work can be daunting and very expensive. Establishing your office at home can be a great starting point. Here we give you 12 tips for selecting the right place.

Advanced Masking Method 1

With this technique you will be able to mask even the most complicated images like the hair of a model. For this tutorial we will use an image with some complexities like the hair and the shape of the model face. Via Designer Freelance

Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70+ Creative Tips

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials from around the web from the month of September 2010. Via Designrfix

How to Make a Font

Watch a font come to life before you very eyes! Filmed on location at alphabetician Chank Diesel’s fontmaking workshop at Clockwork Active Media Systems in Minneapolis, 5/6/9. Event sponsored by AIGA-MN. See new font designers make an alphabet with candy and fontify it. Via Lucas Cobb Design

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a space vortex effect

This tutorial is dedicated to show you how to create a fancy space vortex design with pure Adobe Photoshop. We will need to develop our own brushes, work with smart objects and use a lot of effects, this tutorial will allow you to experiment in many of the steps we took so you can get your own version of the space vortex design. Via Tutorial Shock

150 best jQuery effects for web designers and developers

You can utilize jQuery to handle events, generate animations, and even add an Ajax support into your web applications in a very easy way. Certainly you can use JavaScript to execute all the jQuery functions, but if you use it, your programming times will reduce and your effectiveness will increase, and that’s the real magic of jQuery. Via WebDesignShock

40 Dazzling Examples of Rain Photography

Weather is one of the most important facts in photography. Most of the photographers do not like to shoot in bad weather. But the nature gets the best scenario in rain. Nature just looks so nice during and after rain. Via Geek Sucks

Community News Submissions

10 Great WYSIWYG HTML Editors

Establishing your first Home freelance Office

30 Great SEO Tips for Web Designing

Characteristics of Effective Logos

30 Inspirational Email Newsletter Designs

The Darwinian Evolution of Windows [Infographic]

20 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers

40 Dazzling Examples of Rain Photography

88 Amazing Apparel Online Stores

25 iPhone app website designs

Inspired by Nature 20 Web Design Interface from Deviantart

The Best Product & Industrial Design Articles Roundup September

60 Photoshop Tutorials to Perk Up Your Posters

UBD Network @ TENT London

How to create custom Twitter button with short URL

5 Astounding Workspaces of Successful Internet Companies

How To Design A Website Layout In Photoshop

Typography: Collection of Inspirational Designs (Part1)

Correct Skin Imperfections with a natural look

Maximizing Multiple Income Streams in the New Economy

DesignModo Free Social Bookmarks/Networking Icons Set

30 Workspaces of Designers from Dribbble

18 Free Online Multimedia Editors

Great Web page created, what Next

20+ Creative and Interesting Bento Box Art

55 Superb Examples of Light Art Performance Photography

150 best jQuery effects for web designers and developers

44 Best Tutorials For Photographers, Designers, and Artists

Removing the Years Makeover [Photoshop Tutorial]

25 Brilliant Business and Portfolio WordPress Themes

AE Tutorials: 50 Superb Must Have Effects

Delicious WordPress Websites Inspired by Food

WordPress Honors 2010

Top 10 Tips For Better Web Design

Design Videos for Education and Inspiration from September

15 great Facebook-pages for your inspiration

5 Questions to Ask to Diagnose any Computer Problem

12 Gaming Websites for your Inspiration

25 vector, icon and photo resources for Halloween

Giveaway: Go Media Arsenal Vector set

Portrait Photography Inspiration: Inked and Glamorous

101 Premium WordPress Themes that Will Make Your Site Awesome!

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a space vortex effect

Naming Your Business

Typography: Collection of Inspirational Designs (Part2)

Win 2 Premium Accounts from (Worth $99 Each)

UBD Network meets Matt Pell

20 beautiful green Webdesigns for your Inspiration

Logo Design Inspiration Galleries

Operating System SAGA: Linux vs. Windows

The Best Page Navigation: Older Entries, Previous/Next & Page Numbers

50 Visually Delicious Landscape and Scenery Artworks

25 Best Html5 Tutorials & Demos and Resources

Web Design With the World in Mind

HTML Email Template Coding Service

33 Fabulous Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials

Buy Professional Website Templates (Premium Themes)

Advanced masking method part 1

35 Inspiring Star Logo Designs

Concept Cars: 60+ Kick-Ass Automobile Designs

Photoshop Environment and Tools

Envato offers a WordPress Bundle for $30!

Inspirational websites of the week IV

Inspiration logo designs

PSD to HTML Mafia

How to Create a Need for Speed Pro Street Inspired Logo in Photoshop Beginners

10 jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

Free X-Treme Banner Rotator

Business Cards: Collection Of Amazing Designs

Must Read Interview with David Appleyard, Author of iPhone App Entrepreneur

Design tips for multilingual websites

50 Best Creative 404 Error Pages to be Inspired

Industrial Designer Feature & Interview: Luke Norman Price

App Roundup: The Best iPhone Barcode Scanners

10 Questions to Prepare for and Ace any Interview

Learn How To Create A Professional CV/Resume Template In Photoshop

Bombing aka Graffiti for Inspiration

App Starter Kit

150 Social Media Icons on Web-lovers Designblog

Win a copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur from Mobile Orchard!

20 Colorful Webdesigns for your inspiration

DesignModo Contest: New eBook “Mastering Photoshop For Web Design”

Create the Chevrolet Logo in Illustrator

Create a Glossy, Smooth Text Effect in Illustrator

Facebook Ups Its Security

Web Design Inspiration: Inspiring and Creative Web Interface Designs

Photoshop Marvel: Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

Microsoft Word Productivity Tips

How to make an iPhone App – Part 3: Table Views

45 Beautifully Detailed 3D Artworks of Robots

Learn How To Create A Wedding Website In Photoshop

30 Awesome Free New WordPress Theme

Vector Tutorial: Creating a quality control button set and keyboard

How to Safely Surf in a Hacker’s Paradise

Giveaway from SonicPrint: Win 10 iNotepads

How To Automatically Generate Short URLs for Your Posts

40 Great Ways to Build Trust in Your Blog Visitors

Super Cars of the Future: Inspiring Future thinking in Car Design

Outer Space Inspired iPhone Wallpaper Designs

Learn How to Go from Snapshot to Super Model in this Photoshop Tutorial

Design Resources from: Shutterstock

Sports App Roundup – Must have apps for sports fans

Maximizing Your Twitter Traffic

40 Gorgeous Examples of Beach Photography

An Interview With Chris Coyier And Win A Copy Of Digging Into WordPress

Free High-Quality Icon Sets

50+ Really Beautiful and Creative Real Estate Logos

10 Great PSD to HTML Tutorials to Make Your Awesome Design a Reality

18 Wonderful Premium Icon Sets

How to Make a Font

Fantasy Art Paintings : 16 Magical Illustrations to Inspire

Free Vector Indonesian Batik Pattern 04

Iconsland: Customized Icon Design Services

Effect of SEO in Web Design

Create a Clean Envelope Icon in Illustrator

Typoart – a little Showcase

20 Latest Useful CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Tools

How To Add Custom Default Avatars

24 Websites designed especially for the kids

Designing Tablet Style

50+ Creative Typographic Logo Designs Inspiration (Showcase)

The Halloween T-shirt Showcase; Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies & Witches

35 Inspiring and Informative ”About Me” Pages

Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70+ Creative Tips

Purple Webdesigns – a little Showcase

Mobile Phone Vector Tutorial

September’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Design Cocktail 2: The Creative Bundle & 5 Prize Giveaway

Colours In Modern Web Design (Inspiration & Tutorials)

Don’t Be a Victim. Protect your PC from Viruses and Malware | Tech King

13 Best Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

Logo Design Inspiration: 100 Hot New Fresh Designs

Digital Art Inspiration Through Text Art & Typography

Give Your Photos a Dimensional Makeover in Photoshop

Roundup of apps that will make you wish you had a nightstand

5 Ways to Improve Your RSS Feed

22 Most Useful Social Bookmarking Plugins for WordPress

Mobilize Your WordPress Install

50 Beautiful And Amazing Free Joomla Templates

10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

We go nuclear with the update Atomic Web Browser

Quick and Easy Way to Enhance WordPress Excerpt

Website Design: Personal Portfolios and Design Studios

Get Your Tee On With Inspiring Designs From Redbubble

Design a 3D web layout in photoshop

How to Setup WordPress as a Video Portal

Photography – Salaried Position or Self Employment?

Enjoy the best of both – Skype and Facebook!! The New Skype 5.0 Released

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