160+ Articles: The Best Roundup of Creativity on the Web September

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Here we share with our readers and to everyone in the creative community the best in articles from not only the every increasing community news feed of Nenuno Creative. But also the best in articles, roundups and much more from across the length and breath of the web. We give you the complete list of people interacting with our news feed and the Five best articles which has inspired our creativity the most in September.

Be sure to keep up with your submissions of the community news feed, we would also recommend our own Nenuno Creative Community News & Design Juices for submitting your design & creativity articles.

The Best Articles on Nenuno in September

Digital Art Inspiration: Text Art & Typography in Movie Poster Designs

Helvetica Inspired Wallpapers

Getting to Grips with Indesign

Five Favorite Articles on the Web in August

How Much Harder Could Smart Phones Work For Designers?

So shouldn’t we all be super productive mobile artists now, right? Well in some cases maybe, and for some artists smart phones do enough to fill the void outside of the studio.

Written by: Paul Mcbonio

From: Design Juices

Why Do You Blog?

I am starting a new series on the blog where I will put up a question that has been burning a hole in the back of my mind for a while and open up a discussion to whoever wants to share their thoughts and opinions. There is a great wealth of knowledge to be uncovered from the experiences of others and to do that, all it takes sometimes is to ask a question.

Written by: Sneh Roy

From: LBOI

Elements of an awesome facebook page for your design business

Anyone who owns a business, from freelancers to top CEOs, knows that they need to be on facebook. You know you need to establish a successful presence on facebook for your design business. What a lot of people don’t understand is why and how. After all, it’s not enough to just “be on facebook” anymore, you’ve got to work hard to use facebook as a primary facet in your marketing strategy.

Written by: Preston D Lee

From: Graphic Design Blender

Evolution of Type

From: Fubiz

How To Properly Apply for a Design Position

We’ve gotten so many poor applications for this position that it really makes me wonder if designers today are aware of how art directors actually hire people.

If you’re a designer and you’ll ever be looking for a new job in your life, you should read this.

Written by: Mike Davison

From: Mike Industries

Top Ten Articles from our Community News

How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create nice unique photo effect from sketch and your photo.

August’s Best Resources for CSS3

Here are the best CSS3 coding techniques and tutorials of August 2010, 36 fresh resources to help keeping up with new technologies.

70 Logo Designers To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is growing daily. Personally I use twitter for promotion and networking with the people in my industry. As I gain and lose followers it becomes harder to figure out who is who.

Using WordPress’ the_post_thumbnail with Lightbox

A quick tutorial showing you how to use make WordPress’ the_post_thumbnail work with your Lightbox script.

130+ Websites To Submit Your Design News

If You submit every article in each of these sites regularly, You’ll get many new and regular readers in short time periode, although your blog is website is relatively new. Also if You use this technique, You get very strong backlinks which are good for SEO.

Bellow is a list of 130+ website from where you can get a lot of free traffic by submitting your design news.

The Flash: Comic Book Inspired Artwork

In this post I will be featuring The Flash as the ninth installment of my comic book inspired artwork. The Flash is one of DC Comics’ superheros. He is nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster and possess super human speed along with super human reflexes which defies some laws of physics. One of the Flash’s close friends is The Green Lantern which I featured in my last post on comic inspired artwork. In this post you will see some really detailed designs of The Flash from various artists.

Digital Art Inspiration: CMYK Artworks & Graphic Designs

This is a showcase of amazing CYMK inspired artworks produced digitally and taken from various places online, be inspired by the high quality artworks showcased.

48 Beautiful Web Design Interface From DeviantArt in August’10

In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous August month so you can see current web design interface ( layouts ) trends.

5 minute InTRUview: Amber Weinberg

9th installment of the 5 Minute InTRUview; getting into the mind of fron-end Dev, Amber Weinberg of Amber Weinberg Development.

10 tips to increase your Design and Freelance productivity

This system is a mixture of techniques I’ve learned over time, basically: working in segments and allocating time.

Community News Submissions

The Best Design Related Video Content in August

Social Media Icons For Your Blog

The new Digg, take advantage of it without losing your mind

Download a unique world map vector file

Who Is Lady Umbrella? Rob Ryan Interview & Exclusive Discount

5 minute InTRUview: Erik Straub of sum(design)

How to create a great wordpress layout in Photoshop

UBD Network-Urszula Wiznerowicz, Featured Designer

5 minute InTRUview: Amber Weinberg

Winners of the DepositPhotos Giveaway Announced

July’s Best Resources for CSS3

25 Online CSS Compressors to Optimize Your CSS Code

55 Fresh Inspirational Beautiful Logo Design Examples

This Weeks Design Review of the Best Articles on the Web

Designing with an expiration date! Beware of trends!

58 Latest Free WordPress Theme of Last 3 Months

48 Beautiful Web Design Interface From DeviantArt in August’10

Top Articles On The Web Design Community In August’10

Download a big set with vector badges, emblems, insignia and pots

The Best Industrial Design Links on the Web: August

Best and free online wireframe tools for planning your designs


Free PSD Files: High Quality Photoshop Files (Part1)

21 Free Creative and High Quality Fonts

Iconshock Social Icons

Create an amazing Ki energy ball


20+ Social Bookmarking Resources For Designers

5 Minute InTRUview: Murray Lunn

How to make a robot character in Adobe Illustrator

25 Useful CSS/Wordpress Snippets

Alberto Russo: Creative and Beautiful Illustration

How To Design a Professional Landing Page In Photoshop

25 Free Fresh Creative High Quality Web Icon Set

How to Take Inspirational Photographs: 10 Great Tips

5 Minute InTRUview: Laura Dapito of likeletter Projects, Inc.

Macro Photography Tips Video

Download detailed vector wings

Desktopography – Amazing Desktop Wallpapers

3 jQuery Youtube Playlist Plugins

Creative Director of Head & Griffiths, Dominic Shaw

WideScreen Fantasy Girls – Titusboy Wallpapers

Interview: Creative Professional Chad Mueller of Inspiredology


Artists of Etsy

How to Draw a Map in Illustrator

20 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

The Interaction of Web Design for Musicians and Designers


A Showcase of 30 Inspiring Poster Design Tutorials

Web Design: Collection of Inspirational Layouts

How To Create A Professional Portfolio Layout in Photoshop

Amazing and wonderful hyper-realist painting

Photoshop Android GUI Set, Great freebie.

Giveaway: 3 Stock Photo Accounts With Credits From DepositPhotos

Beautiful Autumn, Photos with Girls


15 Best Social Icons Sets

Amazing Collection Of Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials

Numbers Poster Design Inspiration: 23 Lovely Examples

How to Gain Success for Your Website

25+ Various Photo Manipulation In Digital Art

Typography Business Cards Design Inspiration


40 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials for Graphic Design Ninjas

PSD Files: Free High Quality Photoshop Files (Part2)

Printrunner Business Cards Giveaway

30+ Creative Photo Manipulations to Amaze You

50+ Brilliant Examples of Futuristic City

Ways designer can earn more from project

Win 250 Die Cut Business Cards

30 Breath Taking Photography Of Electrifying Thunders

Introduction to TCP/IP

WideScreen Civil Aircraft – Wallpapers

Sita Sing the Blues An Extraordinary Animated Musical

Nebula – Premium WordPress Theme Released

30 Well Figured & Well Dressed Dolls For your Inspiration

Essential Shirts For Gamers

The Darwinian Evolution of Photoshop [Infographic]

Startup Quotes From Influential People In The Industry

Weekly Design Inspiration #15 : Abstract Photomanipulation

45 Stunning Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Neon Font Effect Photoshop Actions

6 Great Tips for successful Web Design

Colorised & Design Juices Join Together For Tees 4 Peace

35 hand based logo designs

32 Amazing Examples Of Tiger Photography

August’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

How To Create A Professional Business Web Layout In Photoshop Launches a new design

Digital Art Inspiration: CMYK Artworks & Graphic Designs

New LinkedIn Groups for UK Users

Colorful light burst text effect

The Flash: Comic Book Inspired Artwork

69 Sexy Girls Colors do Brasil Swimwear

The Ultimate Guide to Linux – Top 10 Distributions

How to act as your own Interpreter for Clueless Clients

40 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

35 Free Big, Bold, and Beautiful Headline Fonts

Illustrator, Tom Baxter

How to Duck the Creative Design Issues

130+ Websites To Submit Your Design News

50 icon design tutorials that will make you go from apprentice to sensei

All You Need to Know About the OSI Model

246 Best Halloween Costumes Ideas (Inspiration) – 2010

30 In-Depth Logo Design Case Studies

Top 8 Ways to Increase Web Site Traffic

20 Creative Concept Cars

50 Creative 404 Error Pages

21 Job Sites that Actually Help You Find a Job in IT


10 Signs Of a Bad Client You Should Drop

Rounded Corner Business Cards: 40 Modern Designs

Free Project Management tools for freelancers

11 Music websites for design inspiration

30+ Beautiful Designed Free Downloadable PSD Templates

Best online chat tools for your website

6 Free Brilliant Alternatives to Microsoft Office

New Amazing Halloween Walpappers 2010

50 Creative Health/Beauty Packaging Design

50 Fantabulous Free And Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes

How to create a sitemap page for WordPress blog

Future Design Thinking: I’m on a Boat! I’m in a Storm!

How To Give Your Photos A Lomo Effect [Photoshop Tutorial]

Best Free E-Commerce Icons For Web Designers

10 Fresh and Lite Jquery Content Sliders

30 Latest jQuery Plugins Write Less Do More Javascripts Episode – 6

Similar Logos But Different Companies: A Perfect Logo Design Dilemma

Using WordPress’ the_post_thumbnail with Lightbox

70 Logo Designers To Follow on Twitter

Artist Rinat Shingareev – Celebrity Pictures

40 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

40 Creative and Unique Single Page Website Design

Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART

60 Awesome Tutorials, Tricks, and Tools that will Make You a CSS Master

August’s Best Resources for CSS3

Giveaway: $100 coupon from Sticker Mule plus $25 for everyone

CSS3 Tutorial: How To Change Default Text Selection Colour

26 Deliciously Creative Fruit Juice Label Examples

10 Tips for Buying a Digital Camera

40+ beautiful Photoshop Cloud Brushes

How Much Harder Could Smart Phones Work For Designers?

How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

Top 10 MUSTS for Tomorrow’s Wireless Security

15 Must See JQuery Slideshow Plugins and Tutorials

40 Stunning Scenery iPhone Wallpapers

Top 5 Admin Skins Site Themes (Templates)

16 Chilling Vintage Halloween Postcard Designs

30 Creative Postcard Design Roundup

30 New Amazing Photography Examples

100+ Fantastic Logo Designs

Free HTML Table Renderer AS3

30 Tips to Make You Unstoppable When Working from Home

New Twitter design guidelines and free PSD layouts for standard resolutions

25 Popular Websites to Download Free Fonts

30 Amazing Premium WordPress Themes

15 Brilliant Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

Caricatures: Brilliant Examples Of Famous People

Web Design Inspiration: 30+ Beautiful Coffee Websites

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