130+ Articles: The Best Web Creativity Review August

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Here we want to share with you the best of the Nenuno Creative community news feed, whilst also taking time out to highlight the best content submitted and also the most successful articles we have had here on Nenuno. We also link you to the complete list of over 130 articles which you have all submitted in August and give you five of the best articles from across the web which have inspired us the most.

Be sure to keep up with your submissions of the community news feed, we would also recommend our own Design Vote site, Design Juices & Lucas Cobb Design for submitting your design & creativity articles.

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The Best Articles on Nenuno in August

  1. Best Practices for Driving Traffic to your Design Site/Blog
    Every website wants to get as many visitors and page impressions there server can handle, but in the designer niche I have come across various ways to increase visitor numbers.

    Author: Dan Whiteside
    1373 pageviews
  2. Tips and Advice when Starting your own Design Blog
    Starting a design related blog has to be one of my biggest accomplishments as a developer and it has also become a tool to help me learn more about web design and development (I even list nenuno on my CV!). What my ambitions were for nenuno at the beginning have totally been blown out of the water as to what you see today.
    But if you are just starting out in the design niche of blogging or planning to start your own, here are a few of my thoughts on what I’ve learnt whilst running nenuno on a daily basis and I will discuss on what I could have done differently along the way.

    Author: Dan Whiteside
    1,259 pageviews
  3. Inspired by Creativity: Web Interfaces
    Today is the second part of a five post special here at nenuno creative. Where I will be paying tribute to some fantastic designers, illustrators and artists we have featured here over the last few months. Part two will focus solely on web interface designers we have featured over the last few months!

    Author Dan Whiteside
    1,259 pageviews

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Five Favorite Articles on the Web in August

  1. Ultimate List of Tools and resources for Ipad Developers and Designers
    Site: Admixweb Author Teylor Feliz
    This round-up list features almost 30 IPAD tools and applications, as well as a list of IPAD resources, that I know web designers, web developers and all those with creatives minds will find very handy!
    from admixweb
  2. Rumble in the Jungle: The A-z of Animal Tees
    Site: Teesinapod Author Amanda Vare
    When thinking about this animal themed post, I thought it could be fun to look at an A – Z of animals on tees, whilst taking a look at symbolism and the various qualities that certain animals represent. I hope it serves as a source of enlightenment and inspiration because, after all, knowledge is power and if we can understand the reasons people want to buy a certain animal on a tee, then we could also discover marketing angles.from teesinapod
  3. 50 Exquisite Wine Label Designs
    Site: Design Juices Author Daniella Santos
    We may not all be wine connoisseurs, but as designers we can be wine label connoisseurs – just like every other clueless guy who had to choose a bottle in front of his date. Sounds familiar? Well, now’s a great chance for you to appreciate beautiful wine label design without worrying about the bill or the date! So feast your eyes on this selection of fine wine label designs, and don’t worry; it’s on us. from design Juices
  4. 40 Splendid Apple iPad Wallpapers
    Site: WebExpedition18 Author Slobodan Zivulovic
    Introduce you roundup with 40 Splendid Apple iPad wallpapers. We have adorable mix of nature, abstract, space, artistic, logo, animal and cityscape images. Hope you like it and use it, of course.
  5. 5 Reasons Every Designer Should Carry a Great Camera
    Site: Visual Swirl Author Chris Thurman
    What I’ve quickly discovered is what a great tool this will be for my design career. I’d like to layout a few reasons why I think every designer should own and carry a great camera.from Visual Swirl

The Top Ten Articles of the Community News Feed

These articles inspired us the most, out of the hundred and thirty articles you submitted to us this past month.

Submitted from Design Juices: The Top 50 T-shirt Brands and Stores on Facebook

from design juices

Submitted from Designer Freelance: 8 Tips to create a great web design proposal

taken from designer freelance

Submitted from Lucas Cobb Design: Voting sites for your design articles

from lucas cobb design

Submitted from Web Design Shock: 200 Websites to submit your blog and RSS

from web design shock

Submitted from Design Beep: 58 Really cool and inspirational single page websites

from design beep

Submitted from Designrfix: 80+ stunning photographic portraits

from designrfix

Submitted from themeflash: 60 Stunning Typography Wallpapers of all time

from themeflash

Submitted from Scarletbits: A Roundup of the Best Productivity Web Apps

from scarletbits

Submitted from Trudesign: 5 Minute inTRUview Tim Fox

from trudesign

Submitted from Inspiration feed: 117+ websites to submit your design news

from inspirationfeed

Community News Submissions

10 tips to increase your Design and Freelance productivity


You Mean I Could Make Money and Get Traffic? 15+ Great Tips

5 minute InTRUview: Sneh Roy of LBOI

Unique Business Cards: Showcase Of Inspirational Designs

Interview: Creative Director Joshua Rapp of Rappsody Studios


5 Minute InTRUview: Alexander ‘Fish’ Bohn

100 @font-face fonts and how to use them

Create a high contrast and sharp image

Color Theory in Web Design : Blue Color Scheme

How To Design A Website Layout Using The Apple Style

Website Design: 40 Beautiful Examples

How to create an portfolio layout wih seamless textures

Weekly Design Inspiration #14 : 3D Abstract Art

Finding Inspiration For Creativity

5 Minute InTRUview: Robert Ryan of Lady Umbrella

The Best Design and Creativity from the Web this Week

40 Cool and Creative T-Shirt Illustration Designs

Bokeh Effect in Photoshop with any background color

Featured Designer Richard Nabarro

40 Brilliant CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials

A Showcase of Various Websites with Texture Web Design


5 Minute InTRUview: Tim Fox of Soge Shirts

Learn to create a restaurant web layout in Photoshop

My Illicit Love for Typography and Text Art

Illustrator Tutorial: How to make a realistic film projector icon

Green Lantern Inspired Artwork

5 Minute InTRUview: saucewear

5 Minute InTRUview: Jared Thompson of Design Juices

A Roundup of the Best Productivity Web Apps

How to create an Fairytale Photo Manipulation

Printed Piece Giveaway: 10 Premium accounts and 1 Wacom Bamboo

Interview: Online Editor and Freelance Designer Stuart Thursby


How to use Photoshop Smart Objects

The Best CN Resources, Articles, Tutorials and More

iPhone Wallpaper: 70+ Gaming Inspired Designs

Super Surrealist – Josh Keyes

30 Funny And Creative Food Photos Which Make Me Laugh

Awesome Grunge Yellow Concrete Textures For Free

30+ Mind-Blowing Artworks for Inspiration

July’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

33 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials

My Personal Experiences in Guest Writing and Working with Guest Writers

Cartoons of the 90s

Showreel: 40+ Stunning And Creative Examples

21 Best feedback services, a complete review

Over $400 Worth of Envato Files for Just $20

Learn how to create a professional travel/booking web layout in Photoshop

Logo Design: 80+ Beautiful Examples

UBD Network talks to Terry Sommerville

One Stop Review of Design on the Web this Week

Designing for Print in CMYK: 10 Essential Tips

56 Powerful Professional WordPress Themes Using Shortcodes

How to Make Your Designs Universally Appealing

“Find the ‘D’ & You Could Win Money” Giveaway

Free CSS tools online

The Best in Industrial Design and Computer Aided Design Video Tutorials

Inspiration and Motivation Articles from the DJ Community News Feed

5 things which will create the perfect working environment for any freelancer

How to buy a Point and Shoot Digital Camera

43 Impressive and Fully Creative Hand Drawn Websites

20 Best Free Fonts Inspired by Movies

Incredible Inception Art

60 Stunning Typography Wallpapers of All Time

82 Fresh Examples of Single Page Website for Design Inspiration

Hand picked inspirations from Internet: Day 12

80+ Stunning Photographic Portraits

Maybe it’s time to switch your browser?

58 Really Cool and Inspirational Single Page Websites

230+ Awe Free Fabric Textures

Learn How To Create a WordPress Theme in Photoshop

50 Exquisite Wine Label Design Samples

35 High Quality Free WordPress Themes

35 Stunning Examples of Digital Artworks

Icons-Land Customized Icon Sets

Hand picked inspirations from Internet: Day 9

34 Creative and Inspiring Examples Of Vertical Navigation in Web Design

30 Job Boards for Finding Freelance Jobs

The Ultimate Design Roundup of the Web this Week

UBD Network meets Charlotte Williams

July’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates

Hand picked inspirations from Internet: Day 8

iPad Wallpaper: 70+ Collection Of Diverse Designs

Giveaway 2 Free Accounts on

The Importance of Packaging Design For A Successful Marketing Campaign

The Beauty Of Typography – 25 Beautiful Examples

20 Free Fantastic Novelty Styled Fonts

Usage the shape of camera as the element of their logo design

Custom Printed Postcards Inspiration + Win Free Postcard Printing!

200 websites to submit your blog and RSS

How to Create Intense Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Content Management Systems: Why I Love to Work With WordPress

Voting Sites for your Design Articles

Freshly Squeezed: Inspirational and Resourceful Community News from the Week

The Pepper Project Artwork (Part2)

Inspired by Internet. Day 6 Collection of exciting things hand-picked from Internet

Design a lingerie ecommerce layout

45 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorial

The Top 50 T-shirt Brands and Stores on Facebook

8 tips to create a great Web Design Proposal

Munny Madness 2

The Pepper Project Artwork (Part1)

Trex, free vector Dinosaur

20+ Steps to Inspiration from Articles on the Web This Week

Learn How To Create An Awesome Portfolio Layout In Photoshop

Creative Collection Of Flyer Design

27 Colorful Fashion Photography

Baby Photography:21 Cute and Meaningful Black&White Baby Photos

Three Client/Designer Conundrums

100 best jQuery image gallery plugins

UBD Network-Interview with Patrick O’Leary

Design a web layout for your SEO company

When Design Becomes Intrusive

60 Creative Examples of Food Packaging Design

55 Excellent Portrait Artworks Created by CorelDRAW

Create a Line Art Illustration from photo

SEO What? SEO How? Great Tips For All

Product Design Served: The Best in Industrial Design Articles in July

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